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As professional carpet cleaners, we frequently come across wax on the carpet which has hardened and therefore won’t come out during the normal steam cleaning process. To pay us to remove the wax from your carpet will cost you more then we charge to do the steam clean. However, its not that hard to do it yourself. All you need is a bucket of cold water, a white towel, a scaper of some kind and a standard household iron. If you follow our instructions carefully, you won’t have any problems removing the wax and best of all it will cost you nothing.



Fill your bucket with cold water, then dunk your white towel into the bucket so that it is completely soaked. Then fold the towel, it must be white to prevent color transfer. Place the towel over the wax area and then place the iron over the towel so that it steams the water in the towel. This will cause the water to become extremely hot and it will begin to soften the wax underneath. Repeat this process a few times, remembering to soak the white towel in cold water each time, and then begin scraping the wax off with your scraper. Remember to always keep your towel soaking wet so you do not burn the carpet and make sure its a white towel so you don’t transfer coloraturas onto your Capet and create another stain. Eventually the wax will become softer and softer and you should be able to easily scrape it all off. Thats it! It’s easy and it costs you nothing but time. It should take you about 1-2 hours for a wax stain the size of your palm. If we were to charge you to remove the wax stain it would cost a least¬†¬£50 per stain. But if you want to save a bit of money then you can do it all by yourself. Keep an eye on this blog as we continue to give you carpet cleaning tips that save you money.